Price List

Dry Cleaning

Polo Shirt $7.55
Sport Jacket $10.20
Pants $9.65
Sweater $9.45
Shirt/Blouse $9.30
Dress $19.10
Raincoat $22.20
Short Coat $17.50
Long Coat $22.20
Shorts $8.40
Gown $33.70
Skirt $9.65
Tie $6.90
Lab Coats $11.40
Ugg Boots $28.70
Blankets $20.00
Comforters $28.00


Hem-Unlined $17.00
Hem-Lined $21.00
Cuffs Add $4.00
Adjust Waist $19.00
New Elastic $18.00
Hem $22.00
Hem Gown $40.00
Minimum Charge $8.00
Military Patches $7.00
Adjust Sleeves $25.00
Taper Back $17.00
Repair $11.00
Pant or Skirt $18.00
Dress $21.00
Outer Coat $30.00
Invisible Zipper $25.00


Button Down Shirt/Blouse $3.40
Starched Pants $11.40
Fluff Dry $2.50/lb
Wash, Dry & Fold Min $10.00

All prices quoted are base prices. Additional charges may apply to special fabrics, trims or for special handling. There will also be added charges for military press, shoulder pads if removed, beads and sequins, lined items, and special buttons or accessories. All Polo Shirts will be processed by our dry cleaning department. Laundered children’s shirts and some small men’s and women’s shirts/blouses will not fit on the automated shirt press. These items are hand done at our discretion at an additional charge. Household prices are based on size, filler, and linings. Prices subject to change without notice.

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